Nature’s Intention is Always New Life

Spring is here! From my window, I see tree tops blooming. Delicate white blooms that are simple and white, bursting buds from within. There’s green and other soft colors adorning the once gray street. The air is warmer now and moist on my skin. There’s a ripeness and a rightness and I gulp it all in. People are out more now checking things. They’re a little less cautious, daring, see? A faintly urgent smell drifting. I spot a nose out of a mask, ever so gently. A young girl’s arms go free from sleeves. It’s the miracle of nature like every other Spring. But this time, this time, well, it’s really magic, isn’t it? This time, we’re all so very raw and aware of nature’s power.

There’s nothing more mystical and humble than this. Pay attention to Mother Nature’s rising, her gentle reminder that rebirth and newness are built into everything. We’re a resilient bunch, aren’t we, human beings? It’s inside us and outside us, these regenerative cycles of ingenuity.

Go out. Look around. Then look inside and breathe. See? No matter what age you are, where you’re at or the depth of your grief— you have the gift of nature to sprout new wings.

Harness the Wind

During the last half of my jog on this typical 37 degree lower-Manhattan morning, staggering and breathless, a strong gust of wind came at me from behind. I was pushed forward and jolted, suddenly aware of this force of energy. What is this, I asked, this force of wind, given to me from the great beyond, beyond? What great intelligence! Now, I was running faster than before and enraptured by merriment, inspired by the ingenuity of nature and all it has to offer.

“Harness the wind!” all the masters and teachers and loved ones from the great beyond, beyond bellowed. “Harness the wind and carry on!”

The wind, like the sun, has a marvelous, natural energy, I thought. A hidden magic really, such a freedom feeling and a willingness about it to just show me. I wanted it to guide me, to let me breathe it all in because somehow I knew life was inside it.

“Harness the wind!” all the thinkers, gurus and lovers from the great beyond, beyond hollered, “Harness the wind!”

What is this great energy, this extraordinary force of nature propelling me forward? What is it?

In Spanish, there is one word that comes to mind– un vendaval, which means, forceful wind from below. It’s also used to describe something (or someone) with such great intensity and energy that you’re captivated and overwhelmed.

Suddenly, I feel like I’m a sail on a boat and all that’s happening is the opposite of resistance. I’m tuned into the natural flow of chemistry surrounding me, telling me to trust nature and the power of Self.

It feels like courage and letting go.

It feels like I have access to the secret.

“Harness the wind!” all the children and mothers called from beyond, the great beyond. “Harness the wind! Trust in nature, life and your fearlessness!”