Nature’s Intention is Always New Life

Spring is here! From my window, I see tree tops blooming. Delicate white blooms that are simple and white, bursting buds from within. There’s green and other soft colors adorning the once gray street. The air is warmer now and moist on my skin. There’s a ripeness and a rightness and I gulp it all in. People are out more now checking things. They’re a little less cautious, daring, see? A faintly urgent smell drifting. I spot a nose out of a mask, ever so gently. A young girl’s arms go free from sleeves. It’s the miracle of nature like every other Spring. But this time, this time, well, it’s really magic, isn’t it? This time, we’re all so very raw and aware of nature’s power.

There’s nothing more mystical and humble than this. Pay attention to Mother Nature’s rising, her gentle reminder that rebirth and newness are built into everything. We’re a resilient bunch, aren’t we, human beings? It’s inside us and outside us, these regenerative cycles of ingenuity.

Go out. Look around. Then look inside and breathe. See? No matter what age you are, where you’re at or the depth of your grief— you have the gift of nature to sprout new wings.

Guilt Free New Year’s Resolution

A few years ago I started a new tradition in my family to replace the dreadful New Year’s resolution, which was always a good idea but often left people feeling guilty, ashamed or empty in a matter of weeks.

The tradition is somewhat like setting an intention because it asks you to look deep inside yourself, but it’s more than that because it implants a powerful extended-release capsule of a message in your mind, like a dream or a memory. Perhaps you will try it and see what I mean.

The idea is really quite simple, although it may take some time. All you have to do is come up with one word that you would like to define or attach to the new year. That’s it. One word that will be the word of the year, that when you see it, think of it, say it or read it—it will trigger a memory of where you are in your journey and what you’re meant to be paying attention to in your life.

For example, the first year I started the tradition, which took place on New Year’s Eve in the kitchen standing beside my husband and brother—I chose the word Rejuvenate. That year I had been feeling low on energy and not connected in mind, body and spirit so that word resonated. It felt in sync with my whole being. Last year, after my husband died, my word was Surrender. Again, totally different circumstances, but I had the same feeling. The word just surfaced and fit, like it was meant for me. It was a warm blanket of a word, enduring.

Each year is different. Sometimes, the word takes time to surface with deep thought. Other times, it appears instantaneously, in a love-at-first-site sort of way. When you’ve found your word (or the word finds you!) it may help to write it down or share it with a loved one. When a word resonates enough, that is— if its properly incepted, there will be nothing you need to do other than trust it. It will visit you throughout the year like a memory or a dream and any action that results will simply come.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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