Grief, Healing, Loving Again

This group is a safe, non-professional fellowship and learning space for healing and renewal designed to meet the needs of individuals who are dealing with the loss of a loved one.

It is open to all those who are grieving — because of death, divorce or separation.

While the grief associated with death and divorce are unique, both experiences catapult us into a period of suffering and loneliness. We find ourselves lost and forced to let go of a familiar identity. We are charged with picking up the pieces, letting things go and creating space for a new life. I call this difficult “in-between” stage a dark night of the soul or Bardō.

I’ve learned that when we open up to others who have grief in common and make a daily commitment to a mindful meditation practice, we can transform our suffering and loss into a deeper awareness of love.

Next Session: September 2021 (Dates TBD)



  • Relieve suffering and loneliness
  • Raise self-awareness
  • Reduce stress and anxiety  
  • Build/renew trust
  • Explore new habits and routines

Key Features

  • Small, inclusive, On-line using Zoom
  • Accountability Partnerships
  • Interactive, creative activities
  • Assignments for Extended learning
  • Convenient Sessions, 2 hours 


(Pseudonyms Used for Privacy)

I am very grateful to have found this space and for the care with which you assembled our tasks and activities. It allowed me a place to talk about the anguish part of existence, rather than tucking it away and tending to the activities of daily living. I have been left with much to reflect on, new practices and strategies to incorporate.” (Leah, Age 64)

It was a wonderful learning and support experience. The group helped me process my grief and to access and understand my grief in new ways.” (Rebecca, Age 62)

Being part of a group which Raquel expertly and sensitively facilitated was so valuable in helping me see through my grief and losses in such a way that increased my capacity to exercise self-care, kindness and self-compassion, whilst as the same time respecting the suffering I was in.” (Greg, Age 60)

*If you would like more information on individual grief support & COUNSELING, please contact me.