My name is Raquel Ríos and I’m an intuitive learning designer, teacher and writer. I help individuals and groups integrate mindfulness meditation into their life to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with change and transformation.

Throughout my career, I’ve traveled extensively coaching and training educators on topics related to transformation, effective teaching, change leadership, language and literacy, social emotional learning and equity.

I’ve published two books, several articles and have been blogging for over a decade.

After my husband of 25 years died, I managed the trauma and healing process using my mindful meditation practice. I also learned how important it is to connect with others for support and guidance. Helping others raise awareness, manage change and generate a healthy flow of energy in the body is now part of my life’s work.

I’ve been studying and practicing an embodied approach to Mindfulness Meditation and Vipassana Meditation for thirteen years. I’m trained in MBSR and have practiced Transcendental Meditation. I’ve attended Sangha meetings, conferences and meditation centers. I enjoy the Shambhala tradition and elements of the Kadampa tradition. Currently, I am reading and practicing the methods and philosophy of Zen Training by Katsuki Sekida and Yin Yoga at a small center in Madrid.

I believe self-determination and a commitment to a daily practice that includes a strict attention to the care of your body are the foundations for resilience and a joyful life.

I hold a PhD in Educational Leadership, a Masters in Elementary Education and a Bachelors in Secondary Foreign Language Education.

I’m certified in Human Subjects Research for Social & Behavioral Faculty and Leadership & Management of Humanitarian Action.

I enjoy jogging, painting, hiking, yoga and traveling. I’m the mother of two incredible young adults. I live in Madrid.