All major life changes catapult us into a state of fear and unknowns. Whether you’re experiencing the loss of a loved one, faced with a career change or managing a sudden illness– you may find yourself in a state of flux and anxiety.
Mindful Bardō is a holistic first aid practice to help you heal, build strength and find balance during a time of upheaval.
Whether you choose individual counseling or participate in a group, you will learn mindfulness strategies that will help reduce stress and anxiety while gaining insight into your life and body. The goal is to move forward with grace, dignity and inner peace.
We specialize in practices related to:


Experience Authentic Presence by tuning into the language of your body, practicing self-care and kindness and moving in alignment with nature.


Discover Freedom by accepting the temporal nature of all things including relationships and society.

Letting Go

Cultivate Emergence by practicing how to let go of control and inviting creativity, joy and inspiration into your life journey.

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