Mindful Bardō

All major life change such as the death of a loved one, divorce or separation, sudden illness or losing a job– require a compassionate, holistic response. Even in times of upheaval and pain, you will soon discover that you do have the capacity to care for yourself and navigate change. You will find new sources of strength and courage to create a healthy, meaningful life moving forward.

We are here to guide and support you at this critical time. Whether you choose individual coaching or group meetings, we provide you with holistic skills and strategies that will help you move on with grace and dignity.


Experience Authentic Presence by learning how to tune into the language of your body, practice self-care and kindness.


Discover Freedom by learning how to accept the temporal nature of all things including changes in relationships and society.

Letting Go

Cultivate Emergence by learning how to let go of control and invite creativity, joy and inspiration into your life journey.